The Sylvaneth are a race of tree-like creatures who fight for the Grand Alliance Order. They serve under Alarielle as a manifestation of nature's wrath.


The Sylvaneth have a mixture of high model count hordes and devestating elite infantry. The new battletome release has provided them with many fantastic tools and Sylvaneth specific abilities. This makes them a very strong faction at this moment in time and they are extremely fun to play.


Although the Sylvaneth are extremely strong at the moment, they rely heavily on the terrain, namely trees. When playing against the Sylvaneth you must try to manipulate your opponent away from woodlands where possible to ensure you have an advantage.


The Sylvaneth are for you if you want giant monstrous tree heroes, diverse strategies and terrain linked tactics. If you want a blunt-force army you should probably try another faction.


+ Powerful, monstrous heroes

+ Extreme buffs when using woodlands

+ Lots of healing

+ Can teleport across the board using woodlands

+ A very diverse army with great synergies


- Fairly reliant on terrain

- Kurnoth Hunters are the only ranged unit

- Can quite easily be swarmed

- Not very mobile outside of teleport

Start a Sylvaneth Army

Like the other Start Collecting! boxes, the Sylvaneth version is incredible value. In the box you will get the following:

  • Branchwych
  • Treelord
  • 16 x Dryads

This would cost you £76 if you bought them all individually so you save £26 all together. Not bad at all.

You also get a free battalion which requires the units in this box set. A battalion is simply a buff your army can get if you take a specific selection of models.


BATTALION: Ever have the children of Heartwood been blessed by the restorative energies of their woodland home. During each hero phase, the host's Branchwych and Treelord heal one wound lost earlier in the battle, whilst its Dryads add 1 model to their unit that was slain earlier in the battle.


This is an extremely strong battalion that will help to boost the already strong survivability the Sylvaneth have. Put your dryads in a woodland for the bonus save and with this formation they will take a huge amount of force to shift.