Stormcast Eternals


Stormcast Eternals are a subfaction of the Grand Alliance Order. They are Sigmar's very own elite warriors, clad in gold sigmarite armour and are his last ditch attempt at defeating forces of Chaos.


The Stormcast Eternals are very much an 'elite' type army. Their basic foot soldiers - liberators, have two wounds each and a 4+ armour save. These are the weakest units in the Stormcast ranks, you will always be using models with at least two wounds!


While they are a very tanky army, they generally do not hit as hard as other factions. They generally aim to get into melee and outlast the opposition. There are units in the faction however, who can hit extremely hard such as the Paladins.


Stormcast Eternals are a good army for both beginners and experienced players. They make a fantastic army for newer players because there durability makes mistakes less punishing. They are however, a fairly difficult faction to master with no real 'win button'. This allows experienced players the to create more advanced tactics to win the match.


+ Extremely durable, 2 wounds and a 4+ being the lowest in the army

+ Certain units can hit very, very hard

+ Fantastic hammer and anvil style faction

+ Some very powerful hero characters

+ Fairly strong all round

+ Surprisingly mobile


- Not as high damage output as other factions

- No real wizards/caster in the force

Start a Stormcast Eternals Army

As always the Start Collecting! box is the place to start. It has huge value and is a total steal. In the box you get.

  • Lord Celestant
  • 5 x Liberators
  • 3 x Prosecutors
  • 2 x Retributors

This would cost you £85 not including the retributors (they only come in boxes of 5. So in total we're saving £35, amazing value!

Another way to look at is if you bought the Liberators and Lord-Celestant that would be £50.. so you get the prosecutors and 2 retributors for free!

You also get a free battalion which requires the units in the starter set. If you don't know this bascially means you get in-game buffs or bonuses for running these models in your army!


FORMATION: Such is Dracothion's divine power that he can channel his celestial energies through suitably powerful champions to bless their armour with inviolable strength. Blessed Host units have a Save characteristic of 3+ whilst they are within 12" of their Lord-Celestant