Khorne Bloodbound


The Khorne Bloodbound are merciless berserkers who worship the Chaos god Khorne. They are utterly crazed and brutal madmen who love nothing more than to be in the thick of battle where bloodshed is aplenty. While maybe not as strong an Orruk, or as precise and disciplined as a Stormcast soldier, they make up for it through pure hate-filled ferocity.


The Khorne Bloodbound are a horde army although not to the same degree as Skaven or the Undead. They have incredible damage output which is amplified through the amazing synergy in the army. They are melee specialists who rely on using combat abilities at the right place and time to maximise damage output.


While the Khorne Bloodbound have amazing damage potential, they generally have very poor armour saves and thus are quite a 'glass cannon' type faction. They need to hit hard, fast and aggressively or risk being picked off.


+ High model count

+ Good synergy

+ High damage output

+ Solid anti-magic


- No dedicated caster

- Higher skill-cap than other factions

- Poor armour saves

- Generally quite slow