The Ironjawz are the elite Orruks - the biggest, the toughest and the most heavily armoured. They are feared across the realms for their unpredictability, incredible combat prowess and utter savageness. Unlike other Orruks, they charge into combat heavily plated and prepared. There cavalry comes in the form of massive boars who are utterly devastating on the charge.


The Ironjawz differ from other Orruks in that they don't rely on number to swarm the enemy. They are an elite band of warriors and thus on the tabletop have a minimum of 2 wounds even for basic infantry. They will wipe the floor with all but the toughest infantry in close combat.


The down side of them being heavily armoured is their movement suffers. There infantry only have a 4" movement so beware of fast agile armies kiting and running circles around you.


+ Elite and resilient, 2 wounds minimum

+ Very solid in melee combat

+ Great buffs from heroes/characters

+ Rend is readily available in the army

+ The Megaboss hits extremely hard

+ Weirdnob knows FOUR spells


+ Low model count, risk of being swarmed

+ Fairly low bravery, can be remedied with banners

+ A complete lack of ranged support

+ Very slow - 4" movement for infantry