Terradon Riders: Unit Analysis

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of unit analysis blog posts. Today’s analysis will focus on the pesky Terradon Riders. These posts will give a run down of the units potential and how I personally use them. Terradon Riders are a flying-cavalry unit for the Seraphon. They are fairly squishy but extremely

New Start Collecting! Battalions List

What do you think of these formations? I think they’re fairly balanced but I’m slightly concerned about the Stormcast one. They will have 2+ saves in cover which is going to be brutal. They are all very fluffy and I particularly like the Sylvaneth one, although it makes the Dryads even more¬†of a tarpit! If

Beastclaw Raiders Up For Preorder!

The fury of the North descends in the form of the Beastclaw Raiders! These are some fantastic looking models and I’m super excited to see what’s in the Battletome!¬†Hopefully we will see some more ogre players with these new releases, I’ve always thought they were a very cool faction but highly underplayed (at least in


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