Beastclaw Raiders

beastclaw raiders

Beastclaw Raiders are an Ogre warband from the North. They are a faction of colossal strength and fury, driven by a relentless need to satisfy their hunger. Almost every ogre rides a upon a beast even larger than himself. A full strength Beastclaw war-band is a terrifying thing to behold on the tabletop.


The Beastclaw Raiders in-game are an extremely elite faction. They have a very low model count, perhaps the lowest in the game. Their basic ogre infantry are mounted and come with a ridiculous six wounds each. In a straight up fight they will absolutely bulldoze almost anything so some thinking is required in order to defeat them.


Although the ogres are mounted and fast, their low model count makes it very easy to pull them around the board and out manoeuvre them for objectives. They have a very limited number of models on the board so a horde army can easily cover more ground and grab objectives.


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+ Tough as nails, basic cavalry having 6 wounds

+ Devastating mounted commanders

+ Brand new battletome with brilliant abilities and artefacts

+ Brutal on the charge and in melee - nothing much will hold up against them


- VERY low model count

- Easily pulled around the board

- Mediocre morale

- No casters

This Beasclaw Raider set is amazing. With this you can start playing the faction immediately, it has more than enough models. It costs £135 which is a bundle discount but you can get a further 20% off the set right here!

Personally I would recommend buying the Icewind Assault if you're looking to start a Beastclaw army. There might not be a Start Collecting box for a while so this is the best bang for your buck at the moment!

Check it out for £108


Beastclaw icewind assault