age of sigmar factions

Artwork by Wonchun Choi: Artstation page

There are 4 main Age of Sigmar factions. They are known as Grand Alliances. These alliances then split down into many other sub-factions which many of you will be familiar with from the old Fantasy game. The main Age of Sigmar factions are:

These factions in a state of continuous warfare between the multiple realms. Chaos are the main antagonists and are responsible for destroying the old world. Up until recently they utterly dominated the 8 realms and almost destroyed all other factions.


Just when they were about to unleash the killing blow, Khorne betrayed the other Chaos factions and created a massive civil war. This gave the other factions the time they needed to at least muster enough strength to hold their own.


The Age of Sigmar factions are now in a dead-lock state, battling for power and dominance of the 8 realms. The forces of Chaos are under-threat from all sides as the other factions retaliate.


For more information on the Age of Sigmar factions I suggest you check out the wikipedia page or just have a look around the Games Workshop website and get a feel for the models.


The video down below by XenoVids is an excellent overview of the different Age of Sigmar factions and will help to give you an idea of what you might like to play. Choosing an army is considered the hardest part of Warhammer and I know all to well how difficult it is to single out the army you want to go for. Generally most people manage to pick two or three armies they really like but struggle to make the final decision. The decision will usually come down to play-style and what suits the player best.

If you are still undecided on whether or not you want to start playing the game, you can check out my Age of Sigmar review here.


This page will be updated in the future to contain more detail on the different factions and how they all play-out. I hope to go into more detail on the different sub-factions and their strengths and weaknesses.