New Start Collecting! Battalions List

What do you think of these formations? I think they're fairly balanced but I'm slightly concerned about the Stormcast one. They will have 2+ saves in cover which is going to be brutal. They are all very fluffy and I particularly like the Sylvaneth one, although it makes the Dryads even more of a tarpit! If you like any of these sets you can click the images for a 20% discount!

start collecting flesh eater courts

Favoured Companions: When a Ghoul King undertakes a hunt, he is often accompanied by retainers who fight with fanatical devotion in his presence. In the combat phase add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of any melee weapons used by Royal Hunt models that are within 10" of their Ghoul King

start collecting ironjawz

Smash'em: Fired up by their Warchanter, Smasha Boyz are always up for a good scrap. You can add 1 to all hit rolls made for Smasha Boyz units in the combat phase whilst they are within 10" of their Warchanter. Note that if the Warchanter also uses his Frenzy of Violence ability on a Smasha Boyz unit, you would add 2 to their hit rolls instead!

start collecting khorne bloodbound

Murderous Blessing: In your hero phase, a Murderband's Slaughterpriest can pray for a Murderous Blessing in addition to using his Bloodfuelled Prayers. If he does so, roll a dice. If you roll a 3 or more, until your next hero phase you can re-roll failed wound rolls made for him and other units from his Murderband that are within 8". On a 1, however, he suffers a mortal wound.

start collecting stormcast eternals

Star-blessed Sigmarite: Such is Dracothion's divine power that he can channel his celestial energies through suitably powerful champions to bless their armour with inviolable strength. Blessed Host units have a Save characteristic of 3+ whilst they are within 12" of their Lord-Celestant.

start collecting sylvaneth

Blessing of the Heartwood: Ever have the children of the Heartwood been blessed by the restorative energies of their woodland home. During each hero phase, the host's Branchwych and Treelord heal one wound lost earlier in the battle, whilst its Dryads add 1 model to their unit that was slain earlier in the battle.

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