Unofficial Age of Sigmar Fan Page

age of sigmar king

Hello and welcome to Age of Sigmar King!

This is a website fully dedicated to Games Workshops tabletop game the Age of Sigmar. This website is very new and still under construction but my vision is to create a vast library of strategies, tactics and tips for every faction in the game. Here is what I hope to website will contain.


  • Tips and tactics for every army and even model in the game
  • A blog bringing you the latest news from the Age of Sigmar
  • Reviews of units and box sets

Age of Sigmar is a rapidly growing tabletop strategy game. It has very simple rules that allow for a huge amount of strategic depth. There are many different factions to choose from and Games Workshop are continuously coming with new releases. I hope to keep you updated on these releases via Age of Sigmar King!


Although the game got off to a slow and disappointing start it has now begun to really blossom and gather momentum. This is mainly due to the fact that Games Workshop finally decided to add a points system to the game which allows the game to be balanced. The point system comes in the form of the General's Handbook. This book is very cheap compared to other book releases and holds a huge amount of content. You can check out the official video for the General's hand book below or head over to the warscrolls page for unit info.


Check out my Age of Sigmar review for a full run-down on the game and if you enjoy the content on Age of Sigmar King please feel free to comment on posts or email me and get yourself involved! I love to hear from other people, particularly on their play-styles army choices and unit choices.


One more thing to note is that I am a relatively new player to the game and I am just sharing my passion for it with the hope it will benefit other people. I hope someday that Age of Sigmar King is a thriving community for the game and the home of AoS tactics!